• Desert Flowers
    "THE DESERT. Extreme. Hard. Unforgiving. Fantastically beautiful. Inhabited by life forms perfectly adapted to their environment, both fragile and fierce, delicate and robust, prickly and inviting. Unquestioningly determined to survive. And survive they have, relatively unchanged, for thousands of years. So it is with desert flowers - surviving and withstanding almost unendurable hardship with grace, gentleness, and determination, mixed with ferocity and defiance. Silently offering testimony of all that is beautiful, mysterious and miraculous in life."
  • The Morning After
    "'The Morning After' is a book project in which each model or actor gets to tell any story he or she wants to tell about…a morning after. These stories are told in a sequence of still photos and words. It doesn’t make any difference to me if the story is a re-creation of a real event, is based on true events, or is fictional. What is important is that it be real to the person telling it. It can be serious, funny, sexy, erotic, self-critical, sad, illuminating – pretty much anything the model wants to tell. I don’t sensor the stories. They can be x-rated or conservative, an everyday experience, something out of the ordinary, or simply out there. All that is required is that they be emotionally real and honestly told."
  • White Socks and Loafers
    White Socks and Loafers
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    "In 1951 Gene Kelly, wearing white socks and loafers, danced and charmed the world in “American in Paris.” Fred Astaire wore them in “Funny Face.” In fact, just about every celebrity in the fifties and sixties embraced that style, from Frank Sinatra to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong. There’s an extraordinary photograph by the legendary photographer William Claxton, taken in 1961, of choreographer George Balanchine – wearing white socks and loafers - leaping through the air at the Greek Theatre, demonstrating a ballet move to two dancers. Even my mother wore them, and my father – much less well known than Claxton for his photography – took a photograph of his beautiful young bride. Her thick dark hair was tied in a silk scarf, and she wore an angora sweater, pin-stripped flannel slacks, and white socks and loafers. She posed like Rita Hayworth in a dramatic style very popular at the time, and looked ravishing in front of our little house on Park Glen. Years later, in the 1980s, Michael Jackson performed the Moon Walk in white socks and loafers. Both the dance and his style were a sensation. "Of course, there must be a reason why so many exceptionally talented and artistic people over the past fifty or sixty years have embraced a style not dictated by the icons of fashion design. I think the reason is that white socks and loafers are both elegant and cool, casual but sophisticated, fresh and distinctive without trying to be chic. They’re youthful, romantic, and even a little bohemian. They’re classic, and classic never goes out of style."
  • 5417
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    "The number on the outside of my house is 5417. Just before Christmas, 2006, I began to wonder what a photographic sign-in book of everyone who came to my home (and his or her dog, if he came with one) would look like. I decided that, to do this properly, everyone had to be photographed just as he or she arrived, against the same white wall, with the same light, and they would all get only one shot. They aren’t posed nor given any instructions. They just sit on the stool and the photo is taken before they have had time to figure out what’s going on, and before they can construct any serious façade. Welcome to my home. Have a seat." This book can now be viewed and purchased at Type "5417" in the search box to find it